Gypsum and Heavy Rains After Application Peanut Notes No. 84 2021

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I have had a couple of growers apply gypsum already. Growers have not contacted me yet but may in the future. We have had close 7 to 8 inches of rain on those fields I am guessing. What would thoughts on reapplying or not reapplying?

Jordan Answer:

I have a discussion on this on page 29 of 2021 Peanut Information. My threshold is that if 5 inches or more of rain occurs within a short period of time, growers need to re-apply half of a normal rate. But I would not rush to do that now. I would wait a few weeks. My recommendation is also that gypsum be applied much later than late May or early June. It should go out close to the end of June because peanuts are larger and there is likely less washing off of beds and because if we get big rains there still might be an adequate amount of gypsum in the pegging zone during much of the pegging and pod development cycle. But I do understand why people are making earlier applications from a logistical standpoint. But we seem to be having greater swings in weather patterns and a part of that is heavier rains at times.