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Peanut Disease Photos

Early detection and identification of diseases are critical in developing effective and low cost approaches for control. Thorough scouting can identify disease problems when they are easiest to control. Accurate identification of diseases is necessary for selection of the most appropriate management tactics and crop protection products. Click on a link below to see information on the disease or topic:

Aspergillus crown rot

Botrytis blight

Chemical injury

Cylindrocladium black rot (CBR):
Plant symptoms / Root, stem and seed symptoms

Diplodia collar rot:
Plant symptoms / Root and pod symptoms

Irregular leaf spot

Leaf spots:
Early leaf spot / Late leaf spot / Early and Late leaf spot comparison

Peanut rust

Rhizoctonia limb rot

Root-knot nematodes

Sclerotinia blight:
Example 1 / Example 2

Spotted wilt:
Example 1 / Example 2

Stem rot:
Example 1 / Example 2

Web blotch

Peanut disease calendar

Peanut disease list

Peanut reproductive stages

Peanut disease photos revised January 2015 Entire document version

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